The Christmas Book


This 33 page PDF ebook is my gift to my friends.

It is compiled from Bible studies, devotionals and blog entries from

A little history:

A Gift for Jesus is a poem written when my children were toddlers. I printed them in red, rolled them and tied a ribbon around them as gifts for friends and family.

The Scripture Tree is a Christmas project for a church group or the whole family. It was written during my husband’s first pastorate. My ladies’ Bible study group put it together at church and my sons and I put one together at home.

The Child Who Chose to be Born is a Bible study developed while my husband was ministering at an international church. I have very fond memories of the ladies in that church who were eager to study the Bible.

Butterflies and Roses in December remind me that what is uncommon for me during the Christmas season may be ordinary for others. My friends down under don’t experience snow during Christmas time, but butterflies and roses are plentiful. In the northern hemisphere Christmas comes during winter; they celebrate during summer.

My husband and I minister internationally and share a love for Christ with many friends around the globe – though we may experience Christmas in a different season or in a different way.

God’s love transcends miles and cultural and language barriers. We are all part of His magnificent world that He came to save.

 May God richly bless each of you as you celebrate His birth this year!

 Merry Christmas!

© Stephanie B. Blake

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Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.  All rights reserved.

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