SB27ONE FOCUS – what does that mean to you? What do you think about most of the time? What is your purpose in life? What catches your attention? Do your thoughts and goals revolve around one central theme?

I believe the answers to those questions are important for every one of us.

Life is uncertain. God is not. He can be trusted.

Through my ministry, teaching and writing, I love to help others focus on the one thing that is most important in life. This website was created to help connect you or keep you connected to the One who can guide you through whatever circumstance comes your way.

I’m so glad you stopped by. Please take a few minutes to look around.

  • The most important tab on this website is Your One Focus . Here you will find why having one focus is so important to you. Right under that tab, on My One Focus, you can find out more about me, including the international ministry that my husband and I are engaged in. We are followers of Jesus Christ and share our statement of belief there. 
  • Under the Books tab, you will find information about three books – all written to help keep your one focus alive.
  • Sub tabs under the Resources tab have listings of the Bible studies (Welcome to Word Focus), devotionals (Welcome to Reflective Focus) and blog posts (Welcome to One Focus blog).
  • God’s word is exciting to me and I pray is also exciting to you. For over forty years, I have been writing Bible studies and share some of them under the Word Focus tab. There are free PDF files available for you to download.
  • You will find monthly devotionals on the Reflective Focus tab.
  • When you focus on God, you can see His hand in the everyday affairs of life. One Focus Blog is designed to maintain that one focus.
  • The Contact Me tab has three sub tabs:  Speaking TopicsTestimonials and a Photo Album.

Don’t let circumstances rule your life. Look to Jesus for guidance, making Him your one focus in life. He will never fail you.

   Stephanie B. Blake

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