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(This is the first blog I posted when I started blogging in May of 2011. Since that time, through multiple postings, I continue to share how I have seen God work in the big and small affairs of life. You can easily find any of them by typing the title into the search feature.)

One Focus Is A Choice

A blog, short for a web log, gives personal reflections intended to be shared with internet users. Wow, how things have changed in the last few years. There is no longer the need for hand written letters in order to communicate with friends and family (although I still love writing and receiving hand written notes in the old fashioned snail mail). Technology is moving faster “than a speeding bullet,” and sometimes I think only Supermen (or women) could possibly keep up with the changes; however, if you want to communicate with anyone, you must attempt to stay up with changes on the internet.

It is so easy for life to get in the way of Life. So many things can occupy our time and thinking that we are tempted to have no focus at all. We just flit from circumstance to circumstance, or thought to thought or day to day, never really being grounded in the reality of the Truth.

One Focus – the only way I can handle all the changes going on in this world is to keep my feet firmly planted on the one foundation that I know is unshakeable and never changes. The love of God is expressed through the person of Jesus Christ, His Son. That Truth is my reality and I hope and pray that it is yours.

The book, devotionals, and Bible studies on this website attempt to provide resources for all of us to keep our eyes focused on the One who can help us navigate the joys, trials, questions and changes of life. This blog is designed for a more current reflection of how I see God working.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You (Isaiah 26:3 NKJV).


Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: God Promises to Hear His Children


Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Joy

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Continual Guidance

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Guidance

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: Psalm 37: The Promise of Inheritance

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of God’s Watchful Eye

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Strength

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of a Perfect Teacher

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Access

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Abundance

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Divine Companionship

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of the Good Shepherd

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Salvation

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of The Solid Rock

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of God’s Unique Reliability

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of God’s Uplifting Hand

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Justice and Judgment

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of God’s Shield

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of God’s Presence

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Present and Eternal Promise of Blessing for Believers

Claiming the Promises of the Psalms: The Promise of Blessing and Prosperity


Our Father’s Perfect Timing

What Do You Do Now?

Stewardship: Our Greatest Calling – The Owner of It All

Stewardship: Our Greatest Calling


The Joy of Knowing “I AM”


Biblical Mindset about Money: Ownership and Stewardship

How to Manage Money: Biblical Principles

The Importance of Clean Water

I See Home

Anxious Thoughts


The Four Freedoms

A Vision of Purpose

The Leadership Legacy

Purified Water

That Special Someone – A Friend

Rest from a Completed Project

The World Clock and Sleep

Dressing Properly

Biographies and Personal Testimonies

The Biblical Principle of Thrift

Headline News

Advice from Warren Buffett


Seeing the Heart of Christmas

Gift Giving

The Shepherd-Kings

Some Great Quotes on Prayer

My Fathers

A Government You Can Trust

New Words, Old Words


Test Results

Books That Will Outlive Us

Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Preparing Good Soil

The Original Masterpiece

Look Around You – What Do You See?

The Perfect Recipe

My Favorite Work Hat

Jet Lag

A Great Fall

Birthday Celebrations

Stain Removal

Drone Image

Weeds or Flowers?

Perfect Timing

Precious Nails

The Culture Mix

Big Little Things

All About Family

The Benefits of Cover

Dependable Power Grid

The War is Over

Opinion Overload

Christmas Throughout the Year


Bait and Camouflage

New Life for Broken Things

An Investment That Will Never Fail

Protective Clothing

Missed Opportunities

Dead Ends

The Wit and Wisdom of Yogi Berra

Remember When?

A Legacy of Faith

Pivotal Point in History

The Center

The Last Shall Be First

Stand Up Straight

Look on the Bright Side

The Safe Room

The Goseck Circle, Sundials and Time

The Balancing Act

Fear and Panic Can Cloud Your Thinking

The Justice System

It’s All About Who You Know

To “Our Father in Heaven”

First and Last

The Necessary Ingredients

Vintage Values

Deadly Words

The Owners of the Instruments

The Three Dimensional Life


Door Jam

Ladies and Gentlemen

Poisonous Plants, Protection and Prayer

When Construction is Done

When Killing Is Necessary

What Do You Do?

Reflections and Images

Glimpse of a Future Reality

New Life from What Seems to Be Old Wood

The End of the Journey

Physical and Spiritual Healing Loss

Three Seemingly Unrelated Stories


Observing God in the Everyday Affairs of Life

Orphans No More

The Language Protein

The Contents of the Cloud

Rising Light and Clearing Fog

Family Trees

Things and People

If You Write It, They Will Know

Resolutions You Have Kept


The Best Free Gift Ever

Butterflies and Roses in December

The True Spirit of Christmas

The Painful Path to Empathy

OJT Parenting

Logistics and Progress in Poland

The Joy of Food, Fellowship and Family

Families Adapting to a Changing World

Really Seeing the World Around You

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

Learning as a Choice

The Privilege and Responsibility of Voting

From Frazzled to Fruitful

Why We Read

The Value of a Smile

Dormant Damage

Traffic Tension

Yeast Really Does Permeate

My Bad Fig Tree

Precious in the Sight of God

Can You Multitask and Smell the Roses?

The Unsung Heroes of the Olympics

Olympic Prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Life Span of a Tree

America Bless God

The Cure for Worry

The Old Made New

Little Children Love Jesus

Stamps in My Passport

Tired from the Journey

Politics As Usual

Challenges of Past and Uncertainty of Tomorrow Fuel Actions of Today

Therapeutic Writing

Background Software

Modern Devices and the Loss of Eye Contact

Marriage Partnerships

Obedience for Our Own Good

Blinders and Staying on the Path

The Rhythm of a Writing Style

Accidental Useful Knowledge

Diagnosing Connection Problems

Breaking Out of the Clouds

The Real Superman

Treasures of the Written Word

A Love that Last Forever

Restoration and Redemption

The Chinese New Year

Sidewalks, Footpaths and Steppingstones

The Importance of a Good Seal

The Work of a Carpenter


Sunrise on Christmas Day

Joseph, the Man in the Background in the Nativity

Preparing for the First Christmas: Greetings from Gabriel

Heroic Shepherds

Days of Remembrance

Christmas is Coming

11 Reasons to Honor Our Veterans for Their Service

Forgetting the Cross

Adaptation and Identification

Transcending the Language Barrier

The Forest and the Trees: My Perspective, God’s Perspective

Connecting the Dots: An Exercise in Understanding Life

Playtime, Love and You

The Miracle of Adoption

Some of the Richest People I Know Don’t Have Any Money

Preparation, Hope and Predicting the Future

The Value of Encouragement

The Current Economic Crisis: Don’t Give in to Fear

Teamwork: My Job, Your Job, Our Job

The Christian Day of Worship

The Anticipation and Excitement of Being Face to Face with Loved Ones

Cleaning House

National Checkpoints and Boundaries

Freedom and the French-American Friendship

Street Cleaners and Foot Washing

Twitter, Facebook and Blogging: Thinking Out Loud on the Internet

Situation Awareness: A Life Principle

Home: Here and Heaven

Falling Down and Getting Up

Forced Renovations

Time, Trains and the Total Picture

Abundance: So Near and Yet So Far

Keep Moving: It’s Good Spiritual Exercise

A True Handicap: Loss of Communication

Sweaters, Sandals and Seasons

One Focus is a Choice

Stephanie B. Blake


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