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The marriage seminar in which you taught our married men and women in the church, the people are still talking about it till now on how God used you to bless their marriages.Thanks and God bless you for being a blessing.

Happy Gabol, Pastor, The Branch of Christ Church, Lagos, Nigeria

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Thank you for your love and your words, for your study and your marvelous book. Yesterday I shared your book in my church, in the teaching time I usually have every Sunday. Also I want to teach it in the other provinces where we didn´t go. It is so important for Cubans all you teach here that I am sure we will spread it throughout the island.

Your visit was very important and necessary for everybody. God strengthened and loved us through you two, he showed us his great purpose he only has for Cuba and for us in this ministry of planting churches and discipleship. God continue blessing you! We pray you will have many blessings!

I have been seeing all the studies you put in our computer. How great! I will translate them for teaching. I was interested in the one named Relationship Networking retreat. It is so wonderful for our churches that I will translate it and teach it to them. Thank you friend! Come again soon!

Silvia Lopez Llovio, Women’s Evangelism Leader, Cuba

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I am very honored to tell you about my dear friend Stephanie. Having Stephanie for a friend is a blessing and I have been taught much by her, from classes at our small church in Germany, where she and Dr. Blake pastored, and also the beautiful fruit of the spirit filled life she leads. Over 5 years ago, Stephanie taught her own written course on the fruit of the spirit. I still have the notes from this time with her and have referred to them over the past years. She is a woman that I call a mentor and I strive to follow her example.

Lisa W. Cobb, Contributing Author for “Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul”





Stephanie Blake spoke to us at our annual Festival of Tables. Her topic, Frazzled to Fruitful, was appropriate and timely. She ministered to us as she shared that in our daily living we may find ourselves frazzled, but God is calling us to be fruitful in our Christian walk. She spoke to us as a loving and wise sister in Christ who desires that we live in the fullness of our Lord and Savior. Her depth of knowledge and spiritual wisdom strengthened us through her beautiful message. It was a wonderful blessing for the women who attended the Festival of Tables.

Faye Roberson, Women’s Ministry Team Member, First Baptist Church, Benbrook, Texas

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It is my pleasure to recommend Stephanie Blake to you.  She ministered in our international church along with her husband in an effective way.  Her life experiences and genuine walk with the Lord make her teaching authentic. As Stephanie communicates scriptural truths she also encourages others to go deeper into the Word for themselves.  Her study on Paul’s prayer life was well-received by women of many cultures.

Susie Dixon, Immanuel Baptist Church, Madrid







Thank you again so very much for blessing us at the IBC Stuttgart Retreat this weekend.  It was really something to watch you in action.  And I don’t mean just when you were behind that “invisible pulpit” teaching.  I also mean the way you made it a point to come into contact with each and every woman at some point.  I saw how you would join them at their table in the conference room, or sit by different people each time during a meal, and how you stopped and spoke to them no matter where the location, and no matter what you had been headed to do.

You know, I’ve seen many “guest speakers” up close and personal during women’s events.  . . . You came as one of us, living among us, rolling up your sleeves & asking “how can I help you?”  . . . You were engaged with us, on our level, the entire time.  You didn’t talk to us, you talked with us – an instant friend – a sister.  I was amazed at how you were so comfortable whenever someone from the audience would interject something during your session – you would join them where they were, and then gracefully and seamlessly get right back where you left off.

Hands down Stephanie, you have been the most beautiful guest speaker I have witnessed. . . . What an awesome mixture you are: both authoritative, standing firm and stable on the Word of God but at the same time also humble, approachable, gentle and kind.  So full of “fruit of the spirit”!

Robyn Cryer, CARE Ministry Director, IBC Stuttgart, Germany

At Stuttgart Conf. IMG_0513 IMG_0464 - Copy









When we asked Stephanie Blake to teach a series at our church, we had no idea of the blessing in store for us.  Her knowledge of scripture, spiritual insight and undeniable faith shared with us was so much more than we expected.  Stephanie’s love for the Lord is unquestionable and her mission work is truly significant.  She was a wonderful inspiration to our church.

Toni Kirkpatrick, Mission Coordinator, Crossroads Church of Cleburne

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