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No Prayer Too Small

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart (Luke 18:1 NKJV).

Recently I read 100 Amazing Answers to Prayer by William J. Peterson and Randy Peterson.  In a story about George Müller, the authors stated:

Müller kept careful records of everything, including his prayer requests. His prayer notebook had two page entries, one page for requests and the opposite page for God’s answer.  He dated every entry, so no one would question that God had answered.  Müller calculated that during his lifetime fifty thousand of his requests were answered.

George MüIler was a 19th century English evangelist and director of orphanages in Bristol, England. He cared for over 10,000 orphans in his life. He never requested financial support for his work, nor did he ever go into debt.  His ministry of caring for orphans and Bible distribution was solely funded through prayer. Many times God provided the food for the children just as mealtime was approaching. If you have not already done so, I would recommend reading one of the books about his life and dependency upon God.

In The Prayer Driven Life, I mention my own prayer journal.  In 2001 I began keeping a record of some amazing events that God brought about in our family.  Over time it morphed into a prayer journal.  In 2008 my prayer journal became a praise journal where I record praises and thanks to God for His provision and answers to prayer. Although I do not journal every day, I often record His continued involvement in everyday affairs so I will not forget how He has been working.  Reading back through my prayer journal always gives me encouragement.

One very comforting thing is that there is no prayer too small to bring to my Heavenly Father. He cares about everything.  He never says, “I’m too busy. Don’t bother me with those little details.” Just as an earthly father delights when his child tells him everything, God the Father wants to hear from us about anything that concerns us. Although there are still occasions I look back on a situation and say, “I wish I had prayed about that,” I am working to eliminate those times. I take Him literally when He says . . . in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:6).

In this Reflective Focus, I am sharing from my personal journal and experience a few of the little things that God took care of.  Reading back in my journal made me realize how many times I pray about driving through the rain!  Only two of those instances are recorded here. My prayers are in italics. Regular journal entries are not.

Mission Trip in Austria

Thank You, Lord, for a special treat today.  On the way home from an outing, Rick found a 5€ bill on the sidewalk right in front of him.  We went straight to the Turkish market and bought lunch for 5€.  I laughingly said, “Anyone who said there is no free lunch doesn’t know God!”

You are so good to us, Lord.  Each day there are more opportunities to watch how You provide.  The apartment didn’t have a coffeepot or ice trays.  Tom and Barbara are bringing some over in a few minutes.  Thank You again for Your gracious love!

On a Road Trip in Texas

Tire separation after praying for protection during rain, had a place to pull off, insurance paid for the repair (there was already something that needed to be fixed on that side) and Michelin tire paid for another tire and 75% off another 3 so we have four new tires for about the price of one ($226).  Praise God!

By Myself in Germany

Father, there were other things I wanted to accomplish while I was here alone and You helped me with those. I have found my way to Praktiker and Walmart and IBC Weisbaden.  The day I went to speak to the women, I got turned around and it was REALLY raining but You got me through.  I even thought it was kind of comical.  I asked You to keep the rain away and You wanted me to drive in the rain.  I didn’t want to get lost and I did but You directed me back and I greeted Ilsemarie @exactly 11:30!!

 (I remember praying that I would not be late to the event).

Thank You for reminding me to speak slowly and explain things people might not understand.  And thank You for the flowers and the $75.  I also laughed to myself when they packed my food up in aluminum containers that I can use to bake bread in.  I didn’t want to ask Rick to bring bread pans or buy any and You provided these. 

I am so aware, Father, that You cover me with abundance and frugal luxuries.  The table by my bedside was exactly what I wanted (not needed) and You had it sitting there in the junk shop waiting for me.

Please help us not to have such a bad time with jetlag this time.  Thank You!!

Trip across the Ocean

Again, Lord, as I read over these requests, I am in awe of how You answer prayer!  Rick and I had virtually no problem with jetlag this time.  Thank You!

Preparing for another trip

Help us as we get ready to go to Berlin and Vienna.  If may not seem like a big thing, but I need help packing!  Help me to know what to leave and what to take since the allowance on Air Berlin is so small.  I pray that we will not have to pay any extra.

Note on above request: I did not record the answer, but we didn’t have to pay extra for the luggage.

Mission Trip to Ukraine

In the apartment where we are staying, there are many books.  The missionary who rents this apartment has many books that we have and others of interest.  She had a book, Secrets of the Vine, that helped me prepare for the upcoming brunch at ICF Oberursel.  Only God could have placed that book here for me!

Alone Again in Germany

I spent yesterday working on the prayers of Paul and today working on laundry and some financial things as well as online research.  Before I forgot a couple of special prayers that God answered before and during the conference, I wanted to record them.

Before leaving for the conference, I took Rick to the airport and parked in the 15 minute parking spot.  I found him the first time I came in the airport, but went and fed the meter four more times and never found him again.  He had a terrible experience in the airport and the airplane, but thank You, Lord, he made it home safely. However, all the running back and forth put terrible blisters on my feet. I had worn shoes without socks and rubbed my feet raw.  The blisters were still not healed before the conference.  So the day before I left for Dubai, I went shopping to pick up a few things and just asked the Lord that if it were possible for me to find a pair of shoes that would match the clothes I had planned to take, that would be great.  Wonder of all wonders, in a discount store, the Lidl, which just has odds and ends of anything other than groceries, had the same color shoes I needed in my size that had no heel in the back!! I wore them and was comfortable the whole time.  Thank You, Lord, for taking care of small details.

The other prayer answered was indeed for a very small request, but very significant because of how it happened.  My roommate in Dubai tied her necklace in knots and could not get it undone. She had been working on it for a long time before I volunteered to help.  However, I could not get it either.  It was very tight and I could not see it.  She took it over again and then finally said, “I guess I will just cut out the knot.”  I told her to let me try one more time.  I struggled with it for a few more minutes, then said out loud, “I know this is a little thing, Lord, but I could use some help here.”  IMMEDIATELY, the knot loosened up and I was able to remove the necklace for her.  I used this as an illustration in my next seminar as to how God is concerned about the little thing that concerns us.  Praise Him for being a God who cares so much!

During a Visit to My In-Laws

When we arrived at my father-in-law’s home, he was distressed because he had lost his hearing aid.  There were quite a few family members in his home and he couldn’t hear what people were saying.  I then said out loud, “Lord, he really needs his hearing aid.  Where could it be?”  My sister-in-law, who heard me gasped when I bent down, lifted a throw rug and picked up the hearing aid handing it to my father-in-law. I said, “Did you see that?  Isn’t God good?”

Two Bars of Soap

While preparing for a trip to Cuba, the last thing I did before closing my suitcase was to ask God, “Is there anything else I need to put in there?”   The answer was “two bars of soap.” During the trip, we discovered a family who had been without soap in their home for a few days.  Then I knew why God had said “two bars of soap.”  I gave them to my friend and told her how God spoke to me in TX about her need in Cuba.

This has just been a glimpse into how I am assured God is concerned about the smallest details of my life.  The same is true for you. Nothing concerning you is inconsequential to God. My prayer is that you have been encouraged to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

© Stephanie B. Blake

October 2009

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