Driven by Prayer

My book, The Prayer Driven Life,  examines basic questions we all have about prayer. What is prayer? How do we pray? Why do we pray? What difference does it make? By examining the prayer life of the great apostle Paul, you and I discover some great truths about how to relate to God through prayer.

I chose The Prayer Driven Life for the name of the book for several reasons. Paul’s life was driven by his relationship to God and their conversations. Also, I knew that if we followed his example, it would be possible for us to have that same kind of relationship. When a life is truly driven by prayer, the promise of Proverbs 3:5-6 becomes a reality. God wants to direct our paths.

I also want my life to be prayer driven. As much as I wish I could say that everything I do is bathed in prayer, I must admit that it is not always. However, I know that everything should be bathed in prayer. The more my life is prayer driven, the closer I get to God. As I journey through life, I am learning just how important prayer is and what a wonderful privilege it is to be able to speak to Him and to hear His replies.

I can testify that when I have made prayer a priority in my life, God’s presence has been more real and His answers have sustained me.  Space would not permit me to include all the ways He has answered prayers for me and my family: my beloved father, my best friend and husband, my two sons, their wives and my incredible three grandsons. However, I would like to give you one example.

When my sons were toddlers, I started praying for the women that they would marry.  I figured it was never too soon for that request!  Now they are married and have sons of their own.  I can see the hand of God on their lives every step of the way, but especially in their choice of godly women who love them and their sons.

One daughter-in-law was being prepared for us right in front of our eyes.  She and my son played together as children in our church daycare.  We have pictures of them as they celebrated second and third birthdays together. When they were both three years old, we moved away.  In the providence of God, however, our families lived in the same city again when they were teenagers.  They were part of a wonderful group of young people at a church where my husband was pastor.  It was not until they were ready to graduate from college, though, that our son told us that he was going to ask her to marry him.  The joy that filled our hearts (my husband, me and our youngest son) was nearly tangible!

Our other daughter-in-law came to our family after our son was already in the Air Force.  He had also been praying for a godly wife.  At a singles class in church, he met a girl that he was immediately drawn to.  He was impressed not only with her physical beauty, but her inner spiritual strength. The deep friendship that was formed at first eventually developed into a romance. You can imagine the rest.  I thank God every day for how He answered those prayers.

I have observed that in the big and little issues of life (and everything in between), God is pleased when we talk to Him.  As our loving Father, He responds with the answer that is best for us and for His perfect plan for our lives.

My hope is that you, too, want to know God better through a special relationship with Him which includes prayer.  The apostle Paul said that we should rejoice always; pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NKJV).  If you and I would follow his suggestion, that would make every day a wonderful prayer walk with our gracious God.

© Stephanie B. Blake

March 2009

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