A Gift for Jesus

It was the night before Christmas and all over the earth

Only a few people were aware of Christ’s birth.

He was not an ordinary baby, for Jesus is God’s Son.

He chose to leave Heaven to provide redemption for everyone.

The wise men came from afar their precious gifts to bring,

Angels in Heaven that day had a new song to sing.

Jesus grew, was crucified, rose, but now He’s gone away.

He’s again at the right hand of the Father, what can we give Him today?

What can we give to the King of Glory, owner of all creation?

Is there anything that we can give to the source of our salvation?

The gift that He wants is the very thing that costs us a great deal more

Than anything we might purchase in the finest department store.

He wants all of our love, our trust and our loyalty, too.

Loving Jesus with all of our hearts is the only gift that will do.

First Christ said, “Love me with all of your heart, soul and mind

Then I want you to spread My love among all mankind.”

We can’t give anything to Jesus that’s not already His, that’s true.

What He asks of us is to give ourselves to others and let His love shine through.

What Jesus asks of us is nothing more than He was willing to give.

Spending His time serving others, He gave the only life He had to live.

So in remembering the significance of this wonderful day

Let us celebrate the birth of our Savior in a Christlike way.

Let us make sure that His will in our lives is the goal that we seek

Looking for ways to help those less fortunate, wounded, weary and weak.

Christmas day takes on new meaning for us all through the year

When the voice of Jesus, not Satan, we have tuned in to hear.

As we live as Christ lived, without resentment, anger or strife,

We can then wish to one another,

“Merry Christmas and a Christ-filled life!”


© Stephanie B. Blake

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