To “Our Father in Heaven” on Father’s Day

“Our Father in Heaven” we say
When we start to talk to God.
“Please give us our bread this day,”
As your Son taught while on earth He trod.

How can You be both His Father and ours
When You are God and we are only men?
How can we partake of Your power
When our lives are so full of sin?

Incredible though it may be, but true
You had this plan before time began,
That our sins would be hid in You
When Your Son became a Man.

The love You give freely to us
Is more than we can understand;
All You require is absolute trust
In the One You sent, the Son of Man.

“Father in Heaven, how can we say
Thank You for adoption into Your family?”
On this, what we celebrate as Father’s Day
We remember Your love crucified on a tree.

With a heart full of gratitude, we say,
“We want You to be pleased with us,”
As we remember on this and every day,
You are the Heavenly Father we can trust.

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